Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I implement a patient experience program?

Patient experience is a key measure of the quality of care delivered. Elevating patient experience can create major benefits across your organization – from patients and providers to your staff and your bottom line. In addition to improving patient outcomes, higher patient experience scores result in contracting and quality incentive benefits, as well as additional indirect benefits (such as reduced employee turnover) and cost savings (such as reduced training expenses).

What results have you seen in offices that are using Protoqual?

After 6 months on the Protoqual PX system, offices and clinics report as much as a 20% increase in overall patient satisfaction scores, 400% increase in monthly 5-star online reviews, and many other improvements.

What is the expected ROI if I implemented a program like Protoqual?

Protoqual’s solution is so cost effective that adding or retaining just a handful of members per office each year will more than pay for subscription costs. Increasing membership and quality incentive payments and decreasing employee turnover with Protoqual can deliver a highly positive ROI for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

How does Protoqual protect private health information?

All patient feedback is 100% anonymous, and we do not collect or store any PHI.

Will my busy office staff have time to do this?

Absolutely! The system was designed for busy offices. Your frontline staff can upskill in the areas that matter in as little as 5 minutes per week.

Does Protoqual offer certificate programs in patient experience for my staff?

Protoqual awards certificates in patient experience to all staff who complete the courses in its PX Foundation program. This program is administered at no additional charge to subscribing organizations. We handle the tracking, testing, and awarding of the certificates automatically, so there’s no additional time burden for physicians or managers.

I already have a learning program. Can I still use PX?

Yes, of course. Our platform is modular, allowing you to use the areas of a PX program that are missing in your organization. We can deliver our video content to an existing learning management system or create custom video content for your organization. Email to customize a learning solution for your needs.

I already have a survey program. Can I still use PX?

Yes, of course. Protoqual PX is designed to complement, not replace, your existing survey vendor. Survey solutions can provide information on standardized patient experience measures and even identify specific gaps in the patient experience. But Protoqual goes a step further, taking feedback from your survey provider and delivering targeted education to improve performance in the areas where you need it most.

How does Protoqual improve the online reputation of healthcare providers?

Our online reputation booster leverages the voice of your most satisfied patients, making it easy for them to share their positive experiences on the top review sites like HealthGrades, Vitals, etc.

How often does Protoqual update its microlearning content?

Our team of physicians and patient experience experts is always evaluating, creating, and improving our educational content to address the ever-expanding skills requirements of frontline staff. Today, Protoqual’s content library consists of nearly 100 dynamic and engaging video activities in ten patient experience domains. We’re adding new video activities and specialty modules (like Telehealth and Home Health) all the time.

How can I track progress in real time?

Our analytics dashboard provides organizations with a total visibility on patient sentiment. Evaluate patient experience by office, provider, and group to identify where help is needed. View trends over time, or drill down to individual survey answers to measure specific aspects of patient feedback. And track your staff’s education progress in real-time to maximize engagement.

Does setup require any on-site visits?

Setup, implementation and onboarding is 100% virtual and friction-free. No site visits are required, minimizing disruption to busy staff and providing the security of top-tier contactless support.

How do you handle large-scale setup?

The Protoqual PX system has been designed to easily onboard hundreds, even thousands of staff with little administrative effort. Our setup process can light up hundreds of offices per week, and can support organizations of all sizes. If you’d like to discuss your specific needs, please email to schedule a discovery call.

How long does setup take?

Offices and clinics can be up and begin using Protoqual PX in as little as 24 hours. Onboarding is fully virtual and takes just 10 minutes.

What are the IT requirements in order to begin using Protoqual?

Our system is 100% web based and can be used on any browser on any computer or smart device. There is no software to install, and no requirement to integrate with other technology systems. Our technical team is happy to answer questions about integration support, security, single sign-on, and more. Please email Alex Altman, COO ( to arrange a discovery call.

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